Grzegorz Królczyk DSc. Ph.D.

Grzegorz Krolczyk is Professor in the Opole University of Technology. He is an originator and a Project Manager of OUTech’s new Surface Integrity Laboratory. In his career he held positions such as: Head of Unit Design and Technology, Product Engineer, Production Manager, Product Development Engineer and Production Director. Co-Author and Project Leader of a project Innovative, energy-efficient diaphragm flow device of a new generation.

Grzegorz Krolczyk is connected with the mechanical industry, where he managed teams from a few to over a hundred people. His industrial engineering experience was gained while working in an European holding company involved in machining of construction materials and plastic injection, where he was responsible for contacts with companies on technical issues such as quotation and implementation of new products. In professional career he was  responsible for the implementation to production products such as peristaltic pumps, ecological sprayers to spray organic pesticides and many pressure equipment operating e.g. in chemical plants. As a production manager, he was responsible for implementation to production and launching the assembly line for innovative sprayer Ultra-Low Volume Spraying System.

Author and co-author of over 80 scientific publications and nearly 20 studies and implementation of industry. The main directions of scientific activity is surface metrology, optimization of geometrical and physical parameters of surface integrity, optimization of production and cutting tool wear analyze in dry machining process of difficult-to-cut materials.

Scientific membership in: TEAM Society – Technique, Education, Agriculture & Management.

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