Radoslaw Maruda, Ph.D. Eng

Radoslaw Maruda, PhD Eng is an assistant professor in the Department for Machining, Machines and Vehicles Operation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zielona Gora.

Radoslaw Maruda deals with machining. He has gained his experience in the industry, where he has been working as a technical consultant in various projects. Mr. Maruda has been currently cooperating with the firm such as: Dual System.

His academic research aims at determining the effectiveness of the use of organic methods of cooling (Minimum Quantity Lubrication and Cooling Minimum Quantity Lubrication) in planing. The impact of EP and AW additives, introduced into the liquid cooling – lubricant, is also examined in his research. The tests are mainly carried out on carbon and alloy steels.

Radoslaw Maruda is the author and co-author of approx. 30 scientific papers.